How to Order a Digital Jersey?

How to Order a Digital Jersey?

You can order jerseys via Forma Marketim. With hundreds of models and thousands of color combinations, you can design the jerseys of different teams as you wish and purchase completely customized jerseys through our website.

With the widespread use of digital printing, team jerseys are among the many items that have entered our lives. Thanks to printing machines, the selected images are transferred exactly onto quality fabrics. Thanks to the high quality fabric and printing machines used, the durability and longevity of the jerseys are guaranteed. You can design the exact jerseys that will be digitally printed via Forma Marketim.


What is Sublimation?

Sublimation jersey is a type of jersey made using digital printing technique on clothing pieces. This printing method follows a method that has been used for many years on products such as coasters, pillows and curtains. In this way, the image or pattern that anyone wants can be printed on their clothes. The chance to find specially designed clothes, mugs and pillows is quite common these days. However, this feature has only recently begun to be used in football jerseys. Digital jerseys are transformed into special designs by transferring the patterns onto them via hot press with the transfer printing method.

Digital Jersey Making Options

Digital jersey manufacturing with the jersey making application is an ideal option for those who want a different design in their football jerseys than the classic models. The standard collar type, stripes and player names of traditional football jerseys are generally the same. However, if you want to make changes, you can benefit from the digital jersey service. Jersey design modules are easy to use and you can make your selections quickly on all devices.

In the jersey design application on the home page, you can choose among colored jersey types. When you click on the "Collar Selection" section after logging into the jersey design application, you can see that you can optionally select Crew Neck, V-Neck, Professional Collars, Polo Collar and other different collar types in detail. The choice of every detail, from collar color to jersey pattern colors and logo placements, is yours.

Sports jerseys involve a process in which the upper and lower parts are designed as a whole. Under the jersey, knee-length socks with matching colors are used. After the jersey design is completed, you can enter the player name, number and size information and save it to the system, and then complete your order by adding your shipping information.

You Can Order Digital Jerseys with the Jersey Designing Application

Special jersey design At our address, you can choose both the pattern and the colors of the pieces. The extremely wide color range is one of the main factors that enable us to make a difference. When the technological tools used in digital printing are of poor quality, color options decrease. Working with state-of-the-art machines has enabled us to freely increase both pattern and color diversity. Thus, our customers have the opportunity to choose every detail, down to the pattern line, as they wish.

Thanks to secure payment options, you can shop on our site with peace of mind. The payment information you provide is not saved in the database. All you have to do is verify security by entering your card information. You can make payment after selecting the jersey features. The steps you need to follow during the selection phase are also quite easy.

What to Pay Attention to in Digital Jersey Manufacturing?

It is very easy to use the directives included in the design process to determine the elements that need to be considered in digital jersey manufacturing. As a first step, it is important to start by choosing the collar model. At this stage, various options are available such as V-neck, dominant collar, and split collar. Next, you should determine other features such as pattern, shorts color, dimensions. You have the freedom to use different colors in pattern selection. When you order a digital jersey, the t-shirt, shorts and socks will be sent to your address as a set. In this process, it is possible to get the special jersey you want by paying attention to the details of the design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- How Can I Order?

You can place your orders via WhatsApp .

- When will I receive the product?

Your products will reach you within 1 week.

- Minimum Number of Pieces Can I Order?

You can order minimum 7 pieces.

- Can we order the model we want?

Yes, you can order with hundreds of combinations of the model, color and design you want.

- Who Pays the Shipping Fee?

Shipping Fee Belongs to the Customer.

- What Types of Fabrics Are Available?

Jersey-Rain Pattern-Pinto Fabric and Request Fabric Types Are Available.

- Can I Order Tracksuits?

Yes, you can order the tracksuit design you choose or want from the ready-made models.

- What Types of Printing Are Available?

Digital-DTF-Transfer-Baskes Printing Types Available.

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